SAN JUAN CANTA International Choir Festival and Competition (AR)

“SAN JUAN CANTA” International Choir Festival and Competition is a choral proposal from San Juan, Argentina, based on the experience and trajectory exhibited in the organization of nine editions of “San Juan Coral” (, four editions of “Ansilta, National Choir Festival and Competition” ( and three editions of “Canto en Sol, International Festival for children and youth choirs” (
It is organized by Asociación Coro de Cámara Arturo Beruti, being its creator Prof. María Elina Mayorga, who was already the producer of San Juan Coral, Ansilta and Canto en Sol among other choral events, as well as its Artistic Director and President of the Artistic Committee of all the festivals and competitions mentioned before.

It is an important opportunity for artistic and cultural exchange offered from San Juan, the great choral Argentinean pole recognized internationally by the excellency of our events.
Having the extraordinary Auditorio Juan Victoria as its main seat for the competition and concerts, we invite youth, female, male, mixed and chamber choirs from all the world to offer their voice choosing between its two modalities: Festival or Competition.
The competition will be fully supervised by the President of the Artistic Committee Prof. María Elina Mayorga in cooperation with the President of the International Jury Dr. T. J. Harper (Boston, U. S.).
Along with them, an international jury of renowned prestige will grant the prizes to the contesting choirs.
This is an excellent opportunity to sing together, learn, and promote cultural exchange among all participants.
The diversity of the participant choirs in previous editions and their wide repertoire, from the Renaissance to the present including classical and popular/folk music from their own countries, are a wonderful proof of the choral heritage of every country in the world.
Enjoy this unforgettable experience with the magical atmosphere of choral singing!!

1/10: Closing concert - Conductor: Maestro Antonio Russo - Argentina

NEXT EDITION: August, 11th to 16th, August 2016
- Youth and/or adult mixed choirs (no less than 16 singers)
- Female choir or small female ensemble (no minimum)
- Male choir or small male ensemble (no minimum)
* Commented concerts in schools, churches and museums, in the city and its surrounding areas.
* Festival concerts at Juan Victoria Auditorium
* Thematic workshops programmed with distinguished faculty for all the participating choirs and open to conductors and singers (individuals) from Argentina and other countries
* Concerts throughout the country: In order to promote the participation of outstanding foreign choirs, contacts are offered in different Argentinean cities and bordering countries to facilitate the organization of their respective concert tours in South America.

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Choir classification: Mens Choirs, Mixed Choirs, Vocal Ensembles, Womens Choirs

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