62nd "Guido d'Arezzo" International Polyphonic Competition, August 28-30, 2014

The National and International Competition "Guido d'Arezzo", is the highlight of the activities of the Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo. Inside it, the Guidoneum Festival has become the showcase of international choral excellence. The whole week of Polifonico (last week of August) is filled by choral events, with the various categories provided for National and International competitions (Early Music, Gregorian Chant, Renaissance, Romantic and Contemporary Polyphony, vocal chamber groups, choirs, youth choirs, folk Music Festival), representing all the innovations and trends in the choral world. We have the pleasure to listen to the best choirs in the world, from every continent, that compete in a thrilling duel where the only possible weapons will be music and beauty. Participants at the International Polyphonic Competition : Cappella Odak, Zagreb, Croatia / Children's choir of Musamari choral school, Tallinn,Estonia / Youth Choir of Tallinn Music High School, Tallinn, Estonia / Métaphores, Grenoble, France / Paragita Student Choir of Universitas Indonesia / Coro Femminile "Francesco Sandi, Feltre, Italy / Coro Femminile EOS, Roma, Italy / Dysonans Chamber Choir, Poznań, Poland / University Choir of Pardubice, Czech Republic / Gallina Vocal Group, Ljubljana - Slovenia / Ingenium ensemble, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Ipavska Chamber Choir, Vipava, Slovenia / Coro de Cámara "Álterum Cor", Valladolid, Spain / Schola Cantorum Sopianensis, Pécs, Hungary / Children's Choir Gloria, Zhytomyr, Ukraine / Oreya, Zhytomyr, Ukraine. Participations at National Polyphonic Competition Coro Carminis Cantores, Puegnago del Garda, Brescia / Coro Femminile EOS, Roma / Coro Femminile : Francesco Sandi", Feltre, Belluno / Ensemble Vocale "Lux Harmonica", Monte San Savino, Arezzo / Coro Piccole Note, Monte San Savino, Arezzo. And we can watch all choirs with the free-­streaming on our website! AREZZO, A PLACE FOR CHORAL MUSIC ...    more...


XXIII International Choral Festival Concordia Vocis, Cagliari, Italy September 16-28, 2014

With deep emotion we would like to dedicate this 23rd edition to Dolf Rabus, founder of the Marktoberdorf International Choral Competition, Musica Sacra International and co-founder of the Choral Festival Network. The 23rd edition is facing major challenges, the big economic international crisis and the drastic economic support cuts to the different cultural events that put most of cultural workers in a difficult situation. In spite of this hard situation the organizing staff of Concordia Vocis, with the goal of not losing the big cultural patrimony gained during the past editions and not to fail its big audience, decided to organize this new Festival edition from September 16th t until September 30th. It is a beautiful project, started in 1992 and powered by the desire of the different protagonists that along all these years has distinguished themselves living the vocal music as an adventure and as a precious opportunity to give and receive from others. It is easy then to understand how during all the past years Concordia Vocis has reached an important role in the discovering, researching and spreading field of the international choral repertory. Today this role became even more important for our island, it turned out as one of the most expected events, for the quality of the musical proposals. Following the tradition and the experience of the past editions the itinerant nature of Concordia Vocis, the organizing staff C.U.M. as a fundamental goal will ensure the entire project. Cagliari as well as Ogliastra and Iglesiente will be this year Sardinian Locations This itinerant nature of the Festival allowed a bigger audience to attend the different performances in various religious monuments, some of them between one of the most beautiful historical buildings of the island but has also introduced new performers, even first international performances, becoming cultural ambassadors of their original country. The 23nd fascinating choral music world tour even with a smaller calendar of events is significant for the high artistic level of the performing groups. KILDEN female ensemble, JAZZVA Vocal Group from Slovenia, SJAELLA from Germany. Italy will be represented by UT INSIEME VOCALE CONSONANTE conducted by Lorenzo Donati and Sardinia will be represented by ECHOS VOCAL ENSEMBLE del Coro Polifonico del CUM, female group EUFONIA di Gavoi, CORO POLIFONICO SAN GEMINIANO di Samassi and CAPPELLA MUSICALE PIETRO ALLORI from Iglesias. The different performing groups of the previous edition gave the enthousiast audience a month full of amazing musical events. The new edition increases even more the musical quality of the Festival from Cagliari. We like to remark that since 2009 Concordia Vocis is an official member of the Choral Festival Network, thanks to numerous International approvals.